Awesome to have you here!

I’m really thrilled for you because I know you’re on this page because:

– You want to learn how to rock your home business if you are already in one


– You want to get started in the home based industry

Either way I’m thrilled.

I’m always looking to help people create the life they desire because I believe we all have that God given potential which may have gotten buried over time because of this phenomenon called LIFE ūüôā

Yes, I understand.

However, it’s important that when considering starting any business, you ensure it aligns with YOUR passion. This is so critical.

I know this first hand because I started my home business career, professionally, in the Oil & Gas Industry. I went in search of a solution to help me actually ENJOY LIFE rather than ENDURE LIFE and so I jumped onto what looked like the best thing. I mean Oil & Gas, right?PicsArt_1436868573360PicsArt_1436828407238

After about a year in that niche, I realized that it was a struggle sharing my opportunity passionately. Of course, that impacted on everything until I made a change to something that aligned better with my passion. It worked because within months, I started crushing it and still creating huge success in my company and even got recognized by the C.E.O






I’ve grown in the industry enough to know the importance of being objective when looking at opportunities. When considering opportunities, these are some KEY things that needs to be in place¬†to help me decide if it’s right for me:

Р Leadership with a proven track record & a very stable company

– An opportunity that can be built ONLINE and offline (I’m so crazy about this thing called LEVERAGE)

РAwesome products THAT WORK and serves a REAL NEED. This way it aligns more with my values of helping people and as a bonus, I never run out of customers

РLucrative compensation to match my commitment to help me hit my goals sooner than later

– A proven system that can help my newest partner to also create success
Being equipped with this checklist made it possible to pick the right opportunity for me when I decided it was time to make the move.
Work With Lynda Iheanachor

Now, the thing is this, as great as it would be to work together, I want to be sure that it would be a right fit for you. To help you achieve this, there are some basic qualities I look out for in people I intend working with. I like to work with someone who is:FB_IMG_1434101941453

– Clear on their goals

– Ready to crush their excuses and make it happen

РFocused and has a burning desire to succeed 
– COACHABLE (everything else falls apart without this)

– Fun to work with and is a team player!
If that describes you or at least nearly describes you, then I’ll look forward to connecting with you as soon as you fill in your application below.

Once you do, there’ll be¬†a private¬†business¬†reception those who understand the “magic” of leverage and residual income or would want to learn how these two powerful wealth building concepts can transform your life like it’s doing mine.

Here are some pictures from our last all expesnse paid trip to the UAE just to inspire anyone with a goal because it can happen for anyone who commits to chasing their dreams.






I’d love to have YOU¬†on the next free trip!

Work With Lynda Iheanachor
I’ll talk to you soon.

Lynda Iheanachor