How Barry And Jennifer Hughes Turned Their Life Around With Network Marketing

How Barry And Jennifer Hughes Turned Their Life Around With Network Marketing

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

“It’s my dream, right? If I sell it, what have I got left?” – Matthew McConaughey (Gold, The Movie)

I was watching “Gold”, a movie about a die hard dreamer who believed so much in his dream of mining gold and building a fortune from it. What struck me most was his doggedness, even in the face of poverty, sickness and even death! This guy wouldn’t just give up! I know it was a movie, right, but I resonated so much with the story and learned even more lessons from it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing some lessons I got from the movie and my ongoing Europe Tour and why it’s important not to sell your dreams.

I intend to keep it short and sweet and trust you will get value regardless. So, let’s get to it…

When you settle for less than what you really want:

  1. You are truly not happy and when you’re not happy, you’re not as productive as you should
  2. You live an unfulfilled life and what’s life without fulfilment
  3. You let many more people down that you’re not even aware of because there are people whose lives would have been changed if you stepped up and fought for your dreams
  4. You live in regret because you’ll always know what you want and keep wishing that you could be bold enough to have it
  5. You lack inspiration and when you lack inspiration that’s not a good place to be
  6. You spend life building other people’s dreams, which is not bad in itself, IF that is what your purpose is
  7. You don’t honour God because the least we can do is to utilize the abundant gifts He’s given us
  8. You burden your children with the task of looking out for other role models when you should be their primary models
  9. You may become resentful at other people’s courage to chase and live their dreams just because you aren’t busy with yours
  10. You don’t live the best version of yourself

 Trust Me, Your Dreams Are Worth Fighting For

So it’s been about a week of me touring Europe and I’m totally loving it! Travel has a new meaning to me now because it’s more than just making a trip but now about increased awareness, making fond memories, getting inspired all over again and so much more…

Why am I sharing this?

Once upon a time, this reality seemed far fetched. It was hard to imagine me having such a great time because my reality was a far cry at the time. However, looking back, I have to say it was all worth it. The grind and all, so worth it.

So this is me telling you to keep fighting for your dreams because your reality can become 180 degrees different.

The ’90 Days To A New Story’ Project Will Get You Closer To Your Dreams

Being on this trip with my husband and a few friends, I’ve just been so inspired to have more go getters come along with us on the next tour and the next and next…

Back in 2016, a 90 day burst of energy completely changed my life and I decided to go in for another 90 day blitz and this time, make it open to just action oriented people that want to rewrite their stories. Get more information HERE.

This will be an exciting ride and I’m excited for the new stories that will be birthed!

If you decide it’s for you, then I sure look forward to helping you create a new story!



Did I leave out any reason for not giving up on your dreams? Please share with us below.

Did you get value from this? Please share if you did.

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[The Wealth In You: Pt 3] This Makes Your Wealth Building Strategy Smart

Bon jour! Wealth Part 3: This Makes your building strategy smart

Hello from across the world! 😀 Enjoy this stunning view Wealth Part 3: This Makes your building strategy smart

It’s been an interesting trip for the past hours. I just landed in Paris where I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks just honeymooning again with my husband :D, having fun with friends and celebrating with with the company I partner with as we clock 5 years in profitable business that has empowered hundreds of thousands across the world and thousands in Nigeria alone to become multi millionaires! Whoop!

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[The Wealth In You [Pt. 2]: Stop Limiting Your Wealth With This

How is it possible to want to create wealth, yet you limit it…unconsciously? The Wealth In You. Stop Limiting Your Wealth

Very possible. In fact, it’s what majority of people do without knowing it. We want to be rich, famous and leave an inheritance for generations to come, yet we stand in our own way.

In today’s part of The Wealth In You Series, I’ll be diving into the major thing that has been limiting you from creating wealth. If you missed the first part of this series, you should catch up HERE.

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The Wealth In You: [Pt. 1] What Does Wealth Mean To You?

The Wealth In You: Pt. 1 What Does Wealth Mean To You

Money. Wealth. Finance… what do these words mean to you? What emotions do they evoke from you? Does the sound of it get you excited, anxious, desperate or downright unhappy?

A while ago, I was invited to speak on this subject. That got me excited because if there’s a message I preach strongly, it is that anyone, regardless of where you are or where you are coming from, can change your story and create the lifestyle you desire. The tool for making this happen is wealth. Question is, what does wealth mean (to you)?

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