2016: The “Big Break”

On January 16 2016, I challenged myself to a 90 Day Blitz launched by my business coach. I set some goals and was challenged to dare myself more so I stretched my goals further.13119132_10154121007756585_4988139310053974643_n

Even though my blitz officially started in January, my BELIEF in my goals didn’t set in until February 2016. I mean, how could I set such daring goals, knowing I had NEVER achieved such in my entire life?

It was scary but…

I DECIDED that my dreams were worth more to me than my excuses or fears. I DECIDED I wanted to achieve my goals more badly than coasting in my comfort zone.

I remember making a CONSCIOUS DECISION in February that I was going to hit my goals. I DARED myself, got CONSUMED with visualizing myself achieving those goals and  with God’s help, I GOT TO WORK and took MASSIVE ACTION, and never forgetting my Heavenly Father’s promise that He will bless the works of my hands.

The rest, they say is history…

Was it a walk in the park? NO

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!

This experience and results launched me into a steady 7 Figure income since then, making my previous annual salary as an employee become my MONTHLY income in network marketing.

Here’s the best part: Not only did I hit and surpass my goals, I was also able to help some team mates play bigger and get bigger results.

I’m happier and more fulfilled and most grateful to God for this special privilege. That’s why I’m on a mission to help as many people that are ready to change their lives!

But it wasn’t always like this…

Before The “Big Break”



I became a 6 Figure earner in February 2015 after almost an entire year of struggling in 2014 andPicsArt_1436828407238 rebuilding my entire team almost 3 times.

I was exhausted and so were my finances and my family’s finances as well.

As I did in 2016, I also remember making a CONSCIOUS DECISION that I’d do what it takes and learn all I needed to, in order to #changemystory. I got so mad at the stagnation in my life and accepted that for things to change, I had to BE better.

That change in my story started in less than 2 months of making that decision and taking laser focused action.


The year that leaves me with mixed feelings…

These days, I find myself more grateful for 2014 than ever before because I didn’t waste my pain & struggle of 2014. I didn’t lose the lessons in the storm and I’m so grateful to God for helping my family and I to grow through the experiences of 2014.

2014 was the year that:

x I was so broke that I couldn’t afford to build my business after I burnt out my warm market so I had to borrow money from my mom and older brother (this wasn’t easy especially because I was supposed to be the one sending money to my mom)

× My husband had to leave his job because it was becoming a burden as he was asked to compromise on several occasions

x Our kids couldn’t start school in time because we couldn’t afford it

x In 2014, when I needed to go out, I had 2 options: Beg everyone I was close to if I could borrow their cars or “jumped buses”

x We couldn’t afford the rent anymore so we moved to a very “distant land”

x Almost everyone I recruited into my business had quit so I was on a mission to rebuild

x This was the year my darling husband told me several times to go get a job as well seeing that my business wasn’t working AT ALL!

x This was the year I went from the first rank in that company to “member” status (not even distributor status!) and was stuck here till the end of the year

x This was the year I succumbed to clinical depression and was totally messed up in my head. I almost wrote me off as a complete LOSER

x This was the year I was SUPPOSED TO GIVE UP ON “THIS NETWORK MARKETING THING”…PicsArt_1436879642502


If there was ever a time that I knew WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT that I COULD NOT AFFORD TO GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS, it was IN 2014!

Fast forward to 2015, the “MAGIC” started to unfold…after some tweaks and MAJOR ‪#‎MindsetOverhaul‬

I went on my first “all expense paid” vacation FOR FREE, became car qualified & happier in 2015!


I resigned from paid employment to “FIND MY WAY” when I got sick and tired of never having enough for anything extra or being able to help others.

Do you ever wonder if there should be more to life than making some income, paying bills, providing for your immediate family with little or nothing left and repeating the same cycle over again?


That was me a few years back until 2013 in the corporate world…

I was constantly plagued with the thought that there had to be a better way, a solution out of the seeming endless cycle of getting paid (a salary that was barely adjusted to meet up an ever increasing cost of living) to pay bills and having barely enough left to create any kind of impact. I got sick of my FB_IMG_1436389216723constantly complaining of never having enough and wishing I could have more, anger, bitterness and hosting “pity parties” with my colleagues to further bemoan our “predicament”.

I mean, I had had enough of that!

I badly craved for a change… For a better quality of life for my family…For the ability to help people without worrying about my bank balance.

I wanted to stop LIVING TO WORK, but rather start WORKING TO LIVE!

I wanted more

There Just Had To Be A Better Way And I DECIDED To Silence My Fears And Go Find It


I Found Leverage & Residual Income

I understood what these words meant…theoretically. However, looking at my status as being self employed, I didn’t think it would be possible to enjoy these without investing decades of one’s life and money in building a system like the Bill Gates, Donald Trumps, or Robert Kiyosakis of this world.FB_IMG_1436837805294

Until I went searching for a better way and found…Network Marketing!

For the first time, I saw a sound business model that allowed me, despite my status or experience, to truly own my business!

For the first time, I found a business model that I could start with very little capital and enjoy MASSIVE LEVERAGE and 100% PROFITS. I mean, compared to the MILLIONS I invested in my online grocery business where I had ZERO LEVERAGE, ZERO PROFITS & 100% STRESS!

 I was excited, I saw possibilities. I started seeing the $$$ 🙂

BUT…I had my fears. Slowly, my mind got preoccupied with self sabotaging thoughts like:

– I don’t have anyone to talk toPicsArt_1436826461096

– I’ll need to become an expert with results for anyone to listen to me

– What if I don’t succeed? Do I play SAFE and “keep managing” my life the way it is?

– What will my friends and family think?

Can you relate?

But then again, I thought about it (for a minute) and considered the odds which was to keep “owning” a job (self employed) where I had to

– Hustle harder just to pay my staff, vendors and settle other overheads first

– Give up ALL MY LIFE SAVINGS to make the business work

FB_IMG_1436353964614– Literally sacrifice my life for the period I owned the business because all my time was CONSUMED with running the business and had NO TIME for anything else

– Yet on the surface, had to act like the cool C.E.O of a company! ( Oh my word, I still have a phobia for that title till today. Lol! The ‘Entrepreneur’ title works just fine for me, thank you)

There and then, I decided to give myself a chance because my dreams were worth it!

I quickly learned the ABCD for long term success in Network Marketing

Attitude. Having a STRONG WHY (clearly defined goals and dreams) can fuel a positive attitude

Belief. Strong belief that it is possible for you to live your dreams too.

Commitment & Staying Coachable. Make the determination to stay focused and consistent

Development. Keep developing your mindset. That’s the real powerhouse for success

I was shocked! I thought that for me to succeed in network marketing, I needed to be the most eloquent presenter, have at least 10000 contacts, be more “experienced” or any of the excuses I came up with at the time. Alas, all those were irrelevant if the core ABCD was missing.

That got me even more excited.

Network Marketing And Social Media

I’m very passionate about Leverage & Residual Income. Thanks to the internet and social media, we are able to enjoy more of that. I’m constantly learning and implementing online strategies that work (and has also helped offline) to grow my business and also help my team.

This has been one of the best decisions for me as it has positioned me as a leader and has also helped me grow my team beyond my physical location. It may take time to learn about building online but that’s time well spent and always worth it!.



Network marketing, contrary to popular beliefs, is not about chasing people, rather it is about relationship building.



What Is Your Dream?

Do you desire to create a life that allows you have:

– More impact and inspire people

– Better finances

– More time to spend with loved ones

– Fulfill purpose

– Above all are you ABCD (have the right Attitude, strong Belief, Committed & Coachable and Determined)?

Congratulations if that describes you. You are a go- getter!

I would be happy to take you by the hand and show you how you too can leverage this profession to fund your dreams. Your dreams cannot wait any longer. You deserve the best!

PicsArt_1436887749949 (1)

I hope you get immense value from this website and from this FREE GIFT I’ve put together for you.



See you at the TOP!!!